Our Team

Welcome to the world’s best kept secret. Welcome to where the oceans meet. Welcome to the birth of the urban essence. “Esencia Urbana” where the essence in its most simple form greatly impacts the mere existence of urban society, entertainment, family, life and all that is in terms with the urban essence of things. Our goal is what we’re already doing, being influencers, trendsetters, a point of reference for our worldly audience that spans from teens to college students, young adults, parents, professionals, the elderly and all who keep the essence a life because they are, the we are, the urban essence.

From Panamá to the world and from the world to Panamá. Only “Esencia Urbana” deems the best. “Esencia Urbana” Panamá most important all Hip Hop, Reggae and it fusion station and has held the dominant position in Panamá.

House of Judah

House of Judah was founded by the Hon. Priest Ekechi and Empress Adama, who spearheads the Rastafarian (Bobo Shanty) gathering house in Trinidad and Tobago.
They’re also the founders of House of Judah Production (HOJP).
Because of their second eldest son Adiel Alexis and third child, ‘daughter’ Aliyah Alexis who came up with the idea to forme a music group of artists hence the production being added to HOJP.
Formed the D-L.Inc music group entity who “literally” under their parents house with the mindset and focus to train themselves within the arts of music, graphic designing, producing, photography videography, and editing. And with their parents as the overseers The House of Judah Production artist development workshop was announce on September 1st 2010 for everyone who was interested in building on either of arts mentioned above. Five years later it was an officially registered 17th September 2015. As a Non-profit organisation (NPO) company turned record label, and vegan food catering service. With a group of young individual artiste whose ambitions is to take the music industry by storm, by producing and creating their own contents and learning how to be strategic in the field of marketing and promoting their own materials.
HOJP also runs a vegan kitchen term (Ital kitchen) food catering service that goes under the name Royalties Kitchen that is, just a call away for Health conscious individuals so as iconic reggae internationals that are very health conscious of what they eat. With hopes of the future one day own their very own Vegan (Ital) Food cafe, and live performance venue, and studio.

J-Island Records

JIsland Records is a record label and management company founded in Kingston Jamaica in 2012. Its founder is Saunjay “Triple Ace” Kerr who is a Music Producer/Audio Engineer who has over 25years experience in music working alongside music legends Bobby Digital, King Jammys,Earl Chinna Smith among others.

The label has released multiple singles and albums from artists such as Dred I Dread, Cali P, Jamelody, Ultimate Shines aka Zero1, Purpleman, Glen Ricks, Eek a mouse, Nickeishia Barnes, Nikki Burt and many others worldwide.

Reggae Revolution Magazine

Reggae Revolution is a Magazine and synonymous with Reggae music promotion and Rasta culture. We want to spread values such as peace, respect for human rights, social equality, creating opportunities for encounter and exchange between different cultures, promoting a climate of peaceful coexistence and respect.

The Crew for over 20 years has been carrying out the work of information and in-depth analysis on every aspect of Reggae music. Our constancy has given us a privileged one, that of being a reference place for anyone who wants to be updated in real time.

This is the essence of the Reggae Revolution Family. One Love

Golpe Cerrado muzik inc

Panama’s first true and independent an artist management and record label. Established in Rio Abajo, Panama City in the late 2006. It specializes in the promotion and representation of bilingual artist of all the urban genera. Founded by the Paredes brothers and their sister in order to assist their cousins and friends already involved the music.

In 2008, Golpe Cerrado became the first label promote events showing artist images on flyers and bring forth the requirement of booking contract for artist and event venues. In 2010 the label obtain the rights and organized the Dancehall Queen contest in Panama.

The label has worked the highest most popular Panamanian artist and producers such as: Kafu Banton, Mr. Fox, Apache Ness, Fulo West Crew, La Secta, Danger Man, Japaness, I-Nesta, The 5 Five Loves and much more other artist.

movimiento rastafari I-n-I Unity

Movimeinto Rastafari I-n-I Unity is a non-governmental privately owned and funded Rastafarian focused events organizing committee. Founded in the early 2015, in the city of La Chorrera, Panama Oeste by a collective of Rastafarians looking to promote the culture, the ideology and the sense of self growth.

Rather than separating the beliefs of being Boba Shanti, Nyahbinji, Twelve Tribes or the modern day Rasta, the I-n-I Unity Movement focuses on ways to bring together all the general Rasta community throughout various sports leagues, celebrations, concerts and family get together.  

Without the involvement of internal induvial beliefs. The Movement I-n-I Unity is movement that encourages a must to do attitude hence the name and its main goals or points of interest are; Follow Haile Selassie and his teachings, Encouragement of Self economical and personal growth, Unification of Family and community and Internal and or Physical Repatriation are must.   

One Yah, One Love, One Community